Paleo Barbacoa


Photo: nomnom paleo

For quick lunch, I go to Chipotle to satisfy my craving for delicious food.

One of the most delicious food here is barbacoa, fantastic. The pork here is extremely incredible. I am kind of want to make the meal in my home, tried it for some time and finally can reverse-engine the recipe. It is mouth-watering.

I always love shredded meat, pork, beff, chicken. Shredded meat tastes better than anything else (an excuse for someon sho do not have a griller) . /

The ingredient list is long, it looks like a lot of ingredient to make the dish, but it is not so. it is not hard work, because u just throw them in the crockpot fot it to do all the hard work. That is why i love crockpot alot, especially when i go Paleo.

Buy the beef at Costco, successfully replace the dish at Chipole restaurant chain. Nothing satisfy me than that.


Barbacoa with Cabbage Slaw | Paleo Grubs


PALEO Barbacoa Beef Recipe | PaleoRanch

Barbacoa Beef Recipe for Crockpot or Pressure Cooker | Paleospirit

Barbacoa | NomnomPaleo


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