Introduction to The Paleo Diet

The Paleolithic Diet: a nutritional guideline as old as the Paleolithic era itself. The ten thousand-year-old diet was a way of life; the Paleolithic people survived utilizing the natural world, the seasons. And in order to gravitate once again to this natural process, people of today have tossed their Weight Watcher single-meal boxes out of the window like preservative-rich Frisbees.

They’ve looked to the natural benefits of the oldest nutritional plan, the Paleolithic Diet—to lose weight, to avoid disease, and to feel strong once again in their food choices.

At its core, the Paleolithic Diet is based on the fact that early human ancestors had no source of farming, avoided settling in one place to cultivate land and, thus, produce a crop of grains. They were the hunter-gatherers, eating only that which they could catch or hunt or gather. This included the fish in the rivers, the wild game surrounding them as they wandered—generally homeless and wayward—and the eggs and vegetables they could pick.

Therefore, the Paleolithic Era brought about a culture strictly set on their consumption—their survival. They moved, scouted for further fertile territory— territory with the appropriate game and vegetables. And when that territory was devoid of their necessary elements, they moved forward. Constantly searching. It was not glamorous. Certainly, they did not enjoy dessert.


But today’s culture of preservative-rich, boxed-up and shipped food has brought about a lax society. This society no longer gives a thought to the food on their plates; they give no thought to the miles their boxes of Pringles have traveled. It’s fast and cheap—this lifestyle in which people no longer search, their heads down, for wild game and a few eggs to heat over a fire. This generation—ten thousand years after the Paleolithic Era—has lost all the benefits of searching for proper nutrition. And this lifestyle is entirely sedentary, lacking all the benefits with which the Paleolithic Era’s people filled themselves: strength to carry forward, strength to avoid disease.
Choose another route. Choose to sweep the preservatives and added sodium from food and look to this time-honored Paleolithic Diet, rich with protein and fiber and nutrients. Fill yourself with the fresh wholesome-ness of the diet; you won’t have to hunt or gather anything yourself—unless that’s what you want. But there are several rules with the Paleolithic Diet—rules important to maintain your body and your mind as you embark on this entirely different,life–altering routine.

The Paleolithic Diet is not a diet, after all. It’s an ancient way of life.
Keep in mind as you read this guide that this isn’t another new fad diet that just appeared out of nowhere; in fact, this is a tried and true diet that has withstood the hands of time. You will learn about every aspect of this diet: from the good to the bad as well as foods that are allowed and the ones you should avoid. In addition, you are provided you with 25 delicious, quick and easy recipes. You will know exactly what to expect when you embark on this journey to health and weight loss.


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