Benefits of The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet: Why Do It?

The Paleo diet is pulsing with a plethora of benefits. It bases itself off of the way our bodies have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, and it initiates us to eat organic, natural, and weight-loss-capable foods. It enriches us with powerful energy to help us refute modern-day diseases, like Alzheimer ’s, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and so many more. In a currently dying society, it’s important to turn back to the root of our problems: our food.

Video explaination of the paleo diet


The Paleo diet is, essentially, the only diet plan—or lifestyle alteration—you require in order to live the best version of your life.

Benefits of the Paleo Diet

Look to the following benefits of the Paleo diet below.

  1. Build lean, powerful muscles.

Note that the Paleo diet fuels you with a fair amount of good, grass-fed protein. As such, you’re better able to build a lean physique, one that can work to build better muscles. When you have good, powerful muscles, you are much more able to lose weight. This is because your body requires these muscles to help store extra “sugar” you have in your body. Your muscles accept extra bouts of glucose—or the sugar that is formulated when you eat carbohydrates—and utilizes it for later times (when it initiates into fight or flight mode, like when you’re doing interval training or simply concentrating very, very hard). Furthermore, your muscles require more calories to support themselves. So: you’ll be able to eat more, weigh less, and look fabulous.

  1. Balance out the levels of glucose in your blood.

The Paleo diet completely refutes refined, processed sugars in pastas, breads, and, of course, candies. Therefore, it’s much easier to avoid blood sugar spikes.

When you monitor your blood glucose levels, you’re better able to boost your insulin sensitivity. Insulin sensitivity is something that is essential to help you lose weight. When you intake glucose, your body immediately creates bouts of insulin. This insulin allows your cells to “eat” that glucose to make the energy they require to do everything they need to do. However, if your glucose levels spike too often, your body is not able to create enough insulin to promote this glucose acceptance. As such, you can rapidly gain weight or develop diabetes. You are resistant to insulin, rather than being insulin sensitive.

You want to remain insulin sensitive; the Paleo diet promotes this sensitivity.

  1. Keeps you satisfied.

The Paleo diet disallows hunger.

How many other diet plans have you been on that have promoted hunger? They tell you to go to bed hungry, to skip meals, to count every single calorie? The Paleo diet doesn’t allow you to count your calories. Instead, it fuels you with all the nutrition, protein, and good fat you require in order to feel full. The Paleo diet works alongside your body rather than fighting it, limb for limb. It allows you to lose weight
gradually, without you feeling like you’ve been depriving yourself.

  1. Helps you lose weight.

When you eliminate a lot of the carbohydrates that are afloat in our current society—breads and pastas, for example—you already give your body a better path toward weight loss. This is because, as mentioned previously, carbohydrates in your body automatically trigger the creation of insulin. When you have insulin in your bloodstream, your body disallows any weight loss or any “using” of fat cells. Your cells already have the energy they need with the carbohydrate-supplied glucose. Therefore, your fat lives on in all the places you don’t want it to: your butt, your thighs, whatever.

As such, your body enters a state of ketosis on the Paleo diet in which it “eats” your fat energy particles—known as ketones—because it doesn’t have a ready supply of glucose. Your body is able to work just as efficiently with the ketones, and you can feel the weight falling away. It’s actually amazing.

Note that I discuss more ways in which the Paleo diet can seriously alter your lifestyle and reverse several diseases, like inflamed gut, Alzheimer ’s, depression, and so many more in my book, Paleo Diet for Beginners: Lose Weight and Age Gracefully. Seriously: check it out! It also comes with a 7-day diet plan to help you kick-start your Paleo diet.

But do you have problems beginning the Paleo diet? Here are the two most central reasons people think they should begin the Paleo diet—followed by my earnest refutations.
Problem Number 1: “I don’t have enough time to commit to the Paleo diet.”


It can be very, very difficult to plan your meals, go grocery shopping, prep, and cook everything on the road to better health.

That’s why this blog lays it all out for you. You can find foods that can be cook in less than 10 minutes, stick every ingredient into the slow cooker for example, and walk away for about eight hours. When you return home, your kitchen is smelling wonderful, your really healthful, weight-loss-efficient meal is prepared. What’s more? You’ll have leftovers for days. If you know how to work a microwave, I’m guessing your next few days’ prep is out the window.

Time is something you sometimes have to “trick” anyway to really get what you want!
Problem Number 2: “I don’t have enough money to do the Paleo diet.”

I hear this a lot. As an often-broke writer, I can understand how the prices of many of these things look at the grocery store: scary.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. I will breaking down the price of each recipes on the blog when it is possible, on a servings-basis. Therefore, the exact price of less-than-five dollars per serving means that you’re paying less-than-five dollars for what you would normally pay OVER ten dollars for at a restaurant. Plus, you know every single ingredient, you know that each ingredient is helping you to lose weight, and you know
—beyond a shadow of a doubt—that it’s brimming with nutritional elements.

Go out and eat, Paleo diet champions!



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